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YORK CO., SC (WJZY) - Calling it a “terrible” decision, York Police Chief Andy Robinson told FOX 46 News on Wednesday he was shocked and frustrated that the South Carolina Juvenile Parole Board decided to grant parole to a local teenager who had plotted to join ISIS and kill American soldiers."Honestly, I was shocked, I thought there was no way I was hearing what I was hearing,” Robinson said.

“I just can't see how he's being released back into society at this time.”As FOX 46 has reported, York police began an investigation into an unnamed boy of Syrian descent, now 17 years old, for having illegally having possession of a gun in February 2015.

To avoid objectifying the refugees, whose faces are unrecognizable, Maloney made sure to attach real stories to the images — and the resulting photographs are agonizing.

One image captures the contour of a 14-year-old boy who has lost one arm in a rocket strike in Syria.

The boy later admitted that his plan was to arm himself and join fighters in Syria after he and the other man – charged in North Carolina but not named in court – robbed the store to get automatic weapons to gun down troops at one of many military bases in central and eastern North Carolina.The war in Syria has created one of the largest refugee populations in the world, yet, four years after the start of the conflict, the humanitarian crisis fails to make headlines.“The cavalcade of information and visual overload can lead to a sense of helplessness and a sort of compassion fatigue,” photographer Liam Maloney tells TIME.“We've seen so many pictures of the refugees, and it has this numbing effect on readers and viewers.”The Canadian photographer began documenting conflict in 2006, when he visited Lebanon to cover the aftermath of the war between Israel and Hezbollah.News agency AP said it has ended its relationship with Mr Contreras and will remove all of his images from its publicly available photo archive.Mr Contreras was among of a team of five photographers who shared the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography from the Syrian war.

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