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In its own way, the social stigma attached to being overweight can be as damaging to a child as the physical diseases and conditions that often accompany obesity.You can probably see it in the eyes and hear it in the words of your own overweight child.Despite parents' best efforts, some nutritional problems can still arise or worsen during adolescence.These problems include problems of overeating and/or consistently making poor food choices, resulting in obesity.Conversely, other adolescents develop problems with unhealthy and extremely restrictive dieting without meeting the minimum nutritional requirements necessary for healthy growth and development. Some children are first diagnosed with Diabetes during adolescence and must learn to manage their disease.Other children may have already been diagnosed but develop new difficulties managing their disease.In this section we will explore some of these special nutritional challenges and suggest some practical solutions.Adolescent Obesity Obesity is a medical condition in which a person has too much body fat.

Obesity can weaken physical health and well-being and can shorten life expectancy.It is far better to address the problem early on so that it does not remain a trend for the remainder of the adolescent's life.Battling obesity takes more than merely dieting and exercising.3) Obesity is a common eating disorder associated with adolescence.The incidence of obesity among American teen-agers is 12 to 15%. One study reported a high prevalence of obesity in 14-year-old girls(32.4%) compared to 14-year-old boys (3.6%).

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2) Obesity can be defined as an excessive accumulation of body fat, which results in individuals being at least 20% heavier than their ideal body weight.

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