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“You can’t surf if you’re purple and shivering.” Mr.O’Neill, who for many years cultivated a piratical image by wearing an eye patch and sporting a well-salted, Hemingwayesque beard, was not the principal inventor of the wet suit.Its high rate of subscribers engaging in romantic relationships and meeting live partners makes it a one-stop dating site.Naijaplanet is Naija's dating site of choice due to her perfect combination of adventure & fun while giving you the romantic experience.The Santa Barbara Independent had a story on this last week, but I’ve just seen the police report (linked from a follow-up story), and it has to be read to be believed.First, a quick summary from the newspaper article: According to 21-year-old Joan Short — a student at Thomas Aquinas College and a member of the Christian pro-life group Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust — she, her 16-year-old sister Thrin, and 11 other Survivors had set up three large signs in an area of campus heavy with foot traffic called the Arbor.A minivan carrying 30 snakes, a baby alligator and a tortoise rolled over Thursday afternoon on Interstate 35 on the Southwest Side.

June 29, 2017 PM ALBANY - It's day two of the special session at the state Capitol on Thursday. Members of the Assembly worked into the early morning hours.

According to most accounts, including Warshaw’s “Encyclopedia of Surfing,” credit goes to Hugh Bradner, a physicist who worked on nuclear weapons as part of the Manhattan Project.

In 1951, Bradner devised a rubber garment that promised to help Navy frogmen stay warm during their dives.

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  1. Violent dating relationships can lead to depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol use, and thoughts of suicide, and victims may continue to experience detrimental effects throughout their lives.