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That can all change when you join a free online dating site.

These free dating sites give you the chance to meet men and women from all over the state, but also all over the world if you wanted.

All pictures, documents, and Columbus High School yearbooks contained on the Historic Columbus Indiana website have been graciously loaned or donated by private individuals.

While the Historic Columbus Indiana website is not affiliated with the Bartholomew County Historical Society, I urge you to support this organization through funding or volunteer work!

The best part is, with the tools the sites provide, you can fine tune your search and your chances of finding love greatly improves.

Did you know that, statistically speaking, on any given dating site in Indiana, the members are made up of 52% of single men and 48% single women?

Henry Walton Jones, Junior was an American archaeologist most famously known as Indiana Jones or Indy.

The yearbooks also provide a wonderful means to help those interested in genealogical research.Think about it, how often do you go out and mingle with others simply for the sake of making friends? The people you do call your friends are probably previous co-workers, college friends, or friends of the family.The same could be said when you’re trying to meet people to date.Throughout his travels, Jones encountered many important figures in history who shaped his outlook on life.After the return home, his mother became ill and died.

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