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(It's hard to think of a word whose definition incorporates more 'ors' or 'buts' than "polygamodioecious", ­it’s really a mouthful, but think of how impressed your friends will be when you quote it!

) A study done in Boston in this context also looked into the health of the trees found that constant trees – those that were always male or always female – had better fitness than those hermaphrodite trees that showed variability in gender.

Humphead wrasses, like most wrasses, are protogynous hermaphrodites, meaning that they can function as members of both sexes over their reproductive lives and that they will start as females.When we consider this instability in flowering, the wide spectrum of fall colours within this species doesn’t seem so odd anymore.Here at Haliburton Forest, red maples add to the spectacular palette of fall colours and their variability seems to set the tree ablaze.Later in life they may transition to males, but in some species not all individuals will transition.The exact queues that trigger this amazing transformation are still being studied.

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