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"In every living soul, a spirit cries for expression — perhaps this plaintive, wailing song of Jazz is, after all, the misunderstood utterance of a prayer." --text of the opening title card from The Jazz Singer, 1927, Hollywood's first feature-length "talkie." Not all Americans embraced the new way of life.

Many saw the United States as a civilization in decline.

Immigrants, whose numbers had been transmuting the American ethnic fabric, became targets for intolerance.It's actually a violation of professional ethics for an appraiser to offer to buy an item he or she has appraised.A professional appraiser will provide you a written report that includes a full description of your item and the procedure used to estimate its current value.For their service, you can expect to pay either a flat fee or an hourly rate from 0 to 0 depending on their expertise and location.Avoid an appraiser who asks for a fee based on a percentage of the item's value.

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