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This digital only pack includes the Rise of the Necromancer DLC, Diablo 3, and the Reaper of Souls expansion.

It will be available to Play Station Plus members on PS4 and Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One for a limited time at a special introductory price of £29.99.

Apart from the said three Skill Rune powers, the upcoming "Diablo 3" Necromancer also has a Leech spell and the Grim Scythe attack.

Somewhat similar to Devour, the Leech skill can steal Health points from enemies that can be used to restore the Necromancer or his allies' Health.

The Diablo 3: Necromancer pack update is available to play for all those who signed up for the closed beta.

This journey starts by making Diablo II run on modern platforms, but it does not end there. This week's update for Diablo 2 is apparently part of the developer's initiative to restore some of Blizzard's legacy games to their original glory.

Last year, the developer put out the call for engineers to help bring Diablo 2, Warcraft 3 and the original Star Craft up to date on modern computing platforms.

Also included in the update, according to Blizzard, is "a shiny new installer for OSX." Blizzard notes in a post on the forums that it isn't done supporting and updating Diablo 2, which was originally released in 2000.

We've also begun working to improve our cheat-detection and hack-prevention capabilities.

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