Dating with type 1 diabetes Sex chat no join ups

Then one day I was with her and she introduced me to this disease I had never been familiar with. We were out to lunch like any couple would be and Brittany began to explain to me the details of her disease.

I didn’t know anything, and at the time it didn’t really phase me much either. This is when I really started to see how ugly of a disease Type 1 Diabetes really is.

Her family had recently dropped her from the insurance and Brittany and I began to feel the repercussions of it, barely being able to afford food, let alone insulin.

I began to see Brittany’s blood sugars crashing to lows so severe that she would become unconscious.

Everyone brings certain things into a relationship.And I didn’t go in hiding or as if ashamed to be alone.Red lipstick and high heels came along for a fabulous night out with moi.This had nothing to do with picking up a date or anything either.It was about just getting excited to spend quality time with myself.

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