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Service.action ) - Service Provider: Orange with with "Tv & surf" option - APN: orange - Port: use http and port 80 to surf for free - Service Provider: SFR - APN: wapsfr - Proxy: 195.80 Georgia - Service Provider - Geo Cell - APN used for Opera Mini - separate APN (set as preffered, not the APN from Geo Internet Settings): internet - Country: Germany - Service provider: T-mobile - APN: internet.t-mobile - Username and Password: usr:t-mobile, psw:tm - DNS#1: - DNS#2: and - Country: Germany - Service provider: T-mobile - APN: internet.t-d1- Username and Password: Usr:t-mobile, Psw:tm - DNS#1: - DNS#2: Germany - Service Provider: Debitel - Automatic Configuration: Service Provider: e-plus - APN: wap.- Username and password: eplus / wap - Proxy: - Port: 8080 - Automatic Configuration: Service Provider: E-Plus - APN: internet.- User: eplus - Pass: whatever you want, not blank - DNS: no need, but in case - (DNS2: .003) - Automatic Configuration: Service Provider: Mobilcom - Automatic Configuration: - Service Provider: O2 - APN: internet - Info: According to some people, the proxy initially set default by O2 must be deleted.

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Indonesia - Service Provider: Excelcomindo (XL) - APN: Username: xlgprs - Password: proxl - Proxy: - Port: 8080 - Service Provider: Indosat (IM3) - APN: Username: gprs - Password: im3 - Proxy: .19 - Port: 8080 - Service Provider: Mentari (Indosat) - APN: indosatgprs - Username: indosat - Password: indosat - Proxy: .19 - Port: 8080 - Service Provider: Telkomsel - APN: telkomsel or internet or [blank] - Username: wap - Password: wap123 - Proxy: - Port: 8000 Iran - Service Provider: Mtn Irancell - APN : mtnirancell - Proxy: 10.1 - Port: 8080 Ireland - Service Provider: Meteor - APN: isp.- Username: my - Password: isp - Info: Before using these settings, you have to call Meteor and ask them to enable ISP Access on your account - they don't allow it by default.

You need to tell them you want to connect to the internet using your phone as the modem.

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