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The service involved was the Service 585 from Greenock to Ayr.

"Our first thoughts are with those affected by this incident.

"If you look at the most recent SIMD [Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation] data, the most deprived data-zone within that is Ardrossan Central.

So, absolutely, we will not just accept the ferry being removed to Troon.” He added: “This thing started with ABP losing their Northern Irish ferry and having a harbour over in Troon that is basically not being used.

Created a burgh in 1846, one of the last to be established in Scotland, Ardrossan became a centre of railway engineering, shipbuilding and oil refining.

It still maintains a ferry link with Arran (dating from 1834) and the Isle of Man (dating from 1892), and timber bound for the paper mill at Irvine is imported.

Ardrossan has won its fight to remain as the mainland port for the Arran ferry service.

The decision was made by the Scottish Government after considering the findings of a study it commissioned.

Interviewed for a Herald magazine feature today, Mr Joe Cullinane, leader of North Ayrshire council, said when asked about the options should Troon win: “The council would need to consider a judicial review.

Elsewhere, a large vaulted tower with keyhole gunloops, known as the Kitchen Tower, was added.

In the 16th century, this entrance was blocked and a gun loop inserted in the infill.

"We certainly wouldn’t be accepting any removal of such a key economic driver.

Ardrossan is one of the most deprived communities in North Ayrshire.

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