Dating anxiety scale

Overcoming social anxiety and dating insecurities is not impossible.

Building a solid love life doesn’t have to be a lofty goal that’s out of reach.

Maier [6] tested the scale’s reliability and validity in two samples of 97 anxious and 101 depressed individuals and concluded that the reliability and concurrent validity of the HAM-A and its subscales were sufficient: there is reasonable inter-rater reliability and good one-week retest reliability.

In addition, adolescents who reported never having a romantic relationship, who did not have a current romantic partner, and who had less positive and more negative interactions with their romantic partners reported higher levels of dating anxiety.

Variations were noted for different aspects of dating anxiety.

The findings indicate that multiple aspects of adolescents' social relations may be independently and uniquely related to feelings of distress in dating or heterosocial situations.

Adolescents' social relationships have the potential to support or interfere with the development of successful romantic relationships.

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