Dating a working busy girl

If you're still unsure which category you fit in, here's a hint: If she's put you in any category other than category 3 — then you'd better lock, load, and mobilize your dating/relationship forces towards another more eligible, more agreeable, more available, and more enthusiastic chick. Out of either confusion or unspoken desperation, some guys may be reluctant to eject from these types of situations.

We want someone to come home to at night, and someone to continue the journey of life with. When things are going well and you ask us to spend the night, we’ll probably say yes, but don’t be offended if we get up at 6 a.m. It’s not that we’re not into you,, it’s that we have a ton of sh*t to do the next day. When we meet our dates for dinners, shutting down the restaurant with laughter and conversation would be great… If we seem to be cutting things shorter than you had hoped, it’s not a sign that the date went horribly. That sounds like a nice idea, but it doesn’t always work for us.What if I'm not giving her enough time to really get to know me?What if she's one of those girls that just has to "grow" to like me?If you like this article, you should download my FREE 45 page ebook - The So Suave Guide to Women and Dating.It's packed with simple yet powerful tips to help you become a virtual superstar with women. Sometimes a girl can grow to like you, but most of the time, how a girl initially responds to you represents her most honest appraisal of you.

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