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Everything changed, however, when the doctor had turned to Evan and questioned, “Permission to touch your Geisha, sir? Frasier is busy, Major Lorne.” “We’ll wait,” Evan replied icily.

” Evan had blinked in surprise and Matt’s eyes had gone hard. “Get the fuck away from him.” The doctor stalked away without another word and Matt relaxed. “I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve been referred to as “the Geisha” by superior officers and others in the various commands I’ve served with.

With 100 of millions of hosts and billions of web pages it is an impossible task - it's also pretty daunting even with just a handful of hosts and resources.

To solve this problem the concept of Name Servers was created in the mid 70's to enable certain attributes (properties) of a named resource to be maintained in a known location - the Name Server.

With a Name Server present in the network any host only needs to know the physical address of a Name Server and the name of the resource it wishes to access.

Using this data it can find the address (or any other stored attribute or property) of the resource by interrogating (querying) the Name Server.

Summary: Evan and Matt return to Earth to meet with Matt’s Geisha Master.

Sometimes it’s meant with the utmost respect but there are other times, like with that guy, where it’s nothing of the kind.

To some people—I’m nothing more than the summation of my pleasure education.

[Wed Apr 24 2013] You say, 'Hail, Mc Kenzie the Younger' [Wed Apr 24 2013] Mc Kenzie the Younger says 'Waaaagh! I nearly even chipped the [augmentation] I just found.' [Wed Apr 24 2013] You have been assigned the task 'Kickin' Things Up A Notch - Augmentations'. I'll try to remember to write them down next today i created a character and when i show up arias said " i can also send there if you [Wish]" so i typed in wish.

[Wed Apr 24 2013] You say, 'Hail, Mc Kenzie the Younger' [Wed Apr 24 2013] Mc Kenzie the Younger says 'What's that? Hmm, I guess I could give ye a quick history [lesson].' [Wed Apr 24 2013] You say, 'I'd like to hear the lesson.' [Wed Apr 24 2013] Mc Kenzie the Younger says 'As my old man once told me..' he starts to ramble monotonously about his father's friend, '*blahblah* .Morden's cleanin' his fingernail with his dagger when it slipped.. then it said " this is the only instance of this zone so what is the other instance?

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