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The CPS staff is able to meet with you about these and other general LGBT topics, such as coming out, identity exploration, dating and relationship topics, and family concerns.

Moglia, says that with the possible exception of desegregation, no subject has matched the anger, anxiety and intensity of the debate about how schools should teach sex.

RON MOGLIA wants every 5-year-old in America to play the ''birthing game.'' It goes like this: A kindergarten class chooses a girl to be the ''adult mommy'' and a boy to be the ''adult daddy.'' The teacher asks the ''adult mommy'' when she wants to have her baby - before lunch, before recess or before going home.

When the big moment arrives, the mommy stands by a plastic tube labeled ''mommy's birthing tunnel'' and starts a classmate, who has been designated ''baby'' of the day, on his or her crawl through.

Should third-graders learn about anal sex and AIDS, as the Surgeon General recommends? Should schools be in the business of advocating abstinence, suggesting birth control or distributing condoms?

As school systems across the United States are discovering, clear-cut answers are painfully elusive.

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