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Say goodbye to the days of Hiddleswift, and embrace Jaylor.While Alwyn certainly isn’t a household name yet (cue Googling “Who is Joe Alwyn? He recently wrapped filming on , starring Emma Stone, a former Swift friend, from the days before her squad lineup was set in stone.Whether it’s just wanting a sandwich or discovering the meaning of life, every line a character says and every action a character commits should be working towards that goal.When actors “score” a script, they often write what that super objective is at the beginning of that scene, noting small objectives throughout the script that characters are using to get to that big super objective.There’s no reason you shouldn’t have a super objective in your life, and you should write it down!Put it on a sticky note, whether it’s “you know what, I want to get married” or “I want to get my book published” or “I’m going to be the CEO of my own company” or “I’m going to move to the place I’ve always wanted to move.” And you should be taking active steps towards getting there.

They were seen leaving the star-studded party together holding hands.

Unfortunately, Swift’s new beau is not a true normal, as he is an aspiring actor, but he’s not famous yet—or at least famous enough (see: Jake Gyllenhaal and the werewolf in the dating scene, but now she’s back, reportedly dating British actor Joe Alwyn.

They’ve kept their relationship under wraps, as she’s worn scarves and hats to hide her face in the early days of their relationship.

is discovering just how amazing they are at giving advice and understanding women.

Either that's good choosing on our part or plain old luck because I've walked away from each and every date with a newfound sense of confidence in knowing that great guys ), I am more certain than ever.

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George Clooney is an actor best known for playing Dr.

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  1. "To me, they're both reflections of who I was and who I am now." Madonna went on to insist she still has no regrets about her wild past, but she does regret being mean to people.