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For Community Professionals The Adult Gender Identity Clinic provides support and consultations to primary care practitioners and other clinicians in the community and in other health care settings to help them help their clients reach their goals related to gender identity and expression.

This may include consultations in regard to completing a mental health assessment, consultation in regard to completing a surgery approval assessment, or -being a second assessor for surgery approvals.

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The CAMH Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) has expanded thanks to increased funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care after a joint proposal was made by CAMH, Rainbow Health Ontario, Sherbourne Health Centre and Women’s College Hospital for the purposes of improving health care to Trans people.CAMH received funds to hire three new staff, including two social workers and a psychologist, who all started in September 2016.Work is on-going to improve and expand services to trans individuals in consultation with our partners and consumers.I am looking forward for my next stay with pleasure.Located on the top floor of Le Méridien Beach Plaza, from where you can admire the fantastic panoramic view of the sea and the Principality of Monaco, our Presidential Suite is equipped with a hammam shower and a separate bathtub.

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